100% Pure AEA Certified Emu Oil - Pain Formula

100% Pure AEA Certified Emu Oil - Pain Formula

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AEA Certified emu oil is certified to be 100% pure and authentic. Emu Oil pain formula contains natural essential oils for pain relief. Packaged in a 2 oz. bottle.

According to research from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, physically refining emu oil can increase the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. Physical refining is an all-natural process that uses physical means to remove impurities. This process increases the anti-inflammatory properties by up to 45 percent when tested against crude emu oil.

“Previous studies focused only on emu oil’s fatty acid profile,” said Dr. Frank Orthoefer. “We believed that there was more to emu oil than its fatty acid profile, so we started testing the oil to find an active component. The UMass study confirms what we suspected – the process of physically refining emu oil increases anti-inflammatory activity.”

JES Organics Emu Oil is made by removing high-temperature melting solids and further refining the oil by using a proprietary all-natural physical refining process, that removes additional impurities.

It is important that consumers are aware of the differences in oils and the results that quality emu oil can provide. Some American companies are purchasing emu oil from China and India where it is lower in quality and does not meet the AEA certifications that are necessary for a pure quality active oil.

Pure emu oil penetrates the skin quickly, so it does not leave an oily or greasy residue. Many companies now use it as a base for their skin moisturizing, acne fighting, and muscle and joint pain products.

Studies show that emu oil offers anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and cell regeneration benefits, which make it ideal as a cosmetic ingredient aimed at reducing wrinkles and moisturizing dry skin.
100% Pure AEA Certified Emu Oil, Essential Oils of Sweet Basil, Black Pepper, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Cinnamon Leaf, Citronella, Eucalyptus Leaf, Helichrysum, Ginger Root, Pink Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Pine, Ravensara, Rosemary Leaf, Spearmint, Wild Oregano, Clove bud oil, Frankincense, Lavender, Marjoram, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Petitgrain, Wintergreen, Capsicum.

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits. Great for bruises, sprains, soreness, swelling and for the relief of muscle and joint pain.

Weak nervous conditions, tension, stress, muscular spasm, uplifting, stimulates blood circulation. Helps with headaches, sinus congestion, migraines, sore muscles. Pain reliever, rheumatoid arthritis. Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic. Do not use if pregnant.

Black Pepper:
Analgesic, anti-microbial, antispasmodic, tonic, bruises, warms, arthritis, muscle aches, pain, poor muscle tone, stiffness, rheumatism, good for before and after sports. Increases circulation, dilates local blood flow.

Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, useful for bruises, soothes skin, inflammations. Avoid during pregnancy.

Camphor Oil:
Helps ease bruises, inflammation, and pains.

regular application over one to six weeks can help ease inflammation and block pain signals from traveling to the brain

Chamomile, Roman and German:
Anti-inflammatory effect, relieves cramps and spasms. Pain relieving, sedative, Analgesic action eases arthritis, low back pain and muscle pain, rheumatism, sprains, and inflamed joints.

Aches, pains, arthritis, analgesic. Relaxes tight muscles, eases painful joints, increases circulation. Avoid during pregnancy and with children.

Scent is very relaxing, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Used for pain, rheumatism and arthritis.

Clove bud oil:
Natural anesthetic to dull pain.

Muscular aches and pains, headaches, rheumatism. Do not use with very small children or with high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Rheumatism, exhaustion, stress, calming sedative effect. Anti-inflammatory.

Rheumatism, arthritis, numbness, muscle fatigue, exhaustion, analgesic, reduces inflammation, headaches, aids lower back pain, sprains and injury.

Muscle fatigue, stiffness, fluid retention, reduces headaches.

Mental exhaustion, nervous tension, helps pain and inflammation of arthritis and rheumatism. Increases circulation and reduces fluid retention.

Rheumatism, headaches, migraine, arthritis, anxiety, tension, spasm, and relieves pain. Analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, calmative, sedative.

calmative, Reduces headaches, rheumatism and nervousness. Avoid during pregnancy.

Analgesic and anti spasmodic.

Active ingredient frequently used in topical products for aches and pains.

Methyl Salicylate:
Topical analgesic - helps to relieve minor aches and pains temporarily.

Muscle spasma and cramps, rheumatism, arthritis

Analgesic, headaches, migraines, fatigue, muscular pain, nerve pain. Cooling.

Calming, anxiety, stress related conditions, has sedative effect. Antispasmodic.

Analgesic, joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Muscular pain and fatigue, neuromuscular problems, eases joint pain. Rub on tired muscles. strong analgesic.

Muscular pain, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular weakness, overwork, migraines, headaches, relieves tension. Especially good for muscles and nerves. Analgesic.

Anti-inflammatory, calming, refreshing to the skin and to muscles. Avoid during pregnancy.

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Provides relief from swollen muscles and joints sciatica, or other types of nerve pain.