Magnetic Protocol for Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

This general Magnetic Protocol is for any person who has Lyme disease. A negative magnetic field has been observed to kill microorganisms whether they are viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. Although the reasons for the antibiotic effect of a negative magnetic field are not clearly understood, it appears to be that it is by the maintenance of a strong alkaline pH. We know this is why a negative magnetic field will kill cancer and therefore, it is assumed that it is the same alkaline field that will kill microorganisms. It has been documented that cancer makes its energy by the process of fermentation which is an acid-hypoxic state. It is also known that microorganisms can make their energy by the same process. A negative magnetic field evokes a biological response of alkaline-hyperoxia which prevents fermentation form occurring. Lyme's disease is a systemic problem, and therefore every cell in the body needs to be treated with a negative magnetic field to produce a sustained alkaline-hyperoxia in which the microorganisms cannot survive.

Magnetic Items Used
*Super Magnetic Bed Grid

*Vitality Sleep Enchancer

*Two 4" x 6" 1/2" ceramic block magnets with Velcro on the positive pole side

*Two 52" Sta-Tight Wrap

*Two 1 1/2" x 1/2" ceramic disc magnets with Velcro on the positive pole side

*One 26" Sta-Tight Wrap

Information Needed:
Magnet Therapy Book
Viral Encephalitis Quarterly
Metabolic Syndrome Quarterly

Placement and Duration
Sleep all night on the super magnetic bed and in the head unit. Go back to the bed and head unit for at least an hour, four times daily. If this cannot be achieved, at least have an hour long nap apart from your regular sleeping period.

Follow the pre-meal section of this protocol. The purpose of using the magnets ahead of a meal is to prevent allergic or addictive reactions from occurring by having alkalinized the body before eating the foods. Foods should also be rotated on a 7-day basis as outlined in the Metabolic Syndrome Quarterly. This magnetic pre-treatment is not absolutely necessary in order to kill the microorganisms, but since many people have these reactions to foods, either primarily or secondarily to their bacterial or viral infections, it is wisest to follow it.

Thirty minutes before the beginning of your meal drink two glasses of water, then place the disc magnets bi-temporally with the 2" x 26" body wrap; also place the 4" x 6" x 1/2" ceramic magnet over the left chest (the heart) with the 6" lengthwise the body and held in place with a 3" x 52" body wrap; also place a 4" x 56" x 1/2" ceramic magnet over the liver (right side of the body placing the 6" of the magnet lengthwise with half on the rib cage and half below it) hold it in place with the 3" x 52" body wrap.

You should drink a total of 8 or ten glasses of water a day. The best water for this purpose is alkaline micro-negative ion water. This is usually available at health food stores and often comes from Fiji, Japan or Iceland. This water has been filtered through organic ash and has become negative ion charged with minerals. There is a home electrolysis unit that will turn your tap water into negative ion water. Negative ions have the same value as negative magnetic therapy, which alkalinizes the blood.

Beyond Magnetism
An acute maladaptive reaction to foods, chemicals, or inhalants has been documented as producing a brief state of acid-hypoxia. In this state there is a production of acid and a failure to process properly the end products of oxidation phosphorylation metabolism. In this state of acidosis, oxygen content is reduced. Maladaptive reactions to foods are the most frequent of bouts of acidosis.

Majorities of people are maladaptively reacting to foods in one or more ways, thus producing bouts of acidosis and reduced oxygen. It is best to follow a 7 -Day Diversified Rotation Diet and follow the pre-meal magnet regime to take care of those allergies and addictions. The pre-meal treatment magnets will reduce considerably the maladaptive reactions.

Always use a negative magnetic pole.

Magnetics Used/Quantity
Bed Grid 1
3" Memory Foam 1
Head Unit 1
4" x 6" x 1/2" ceramic 2
3" x 52" body wrap 2
Soother One 1
Magnet Therapy Book 1
Viral Encephalitis Quarterly 1
Metabolic Syndrome Quarterly 1