MAGNETS - Negative Polarity

"Negative Field" Magnetic Therapy Products. Dr Philpott is widely recognized as the worlds leading authoritiy on the use of biomagnets in magnetic therapy applications for pain relief, disease reversal and magnetic health enhancement. "I don't say that magnets healed you, you say that magnets healed you." William H. Philpott, M.D.

Forget everything you've ever read or heard about magnet therapy in the mainstream that didn't mention the importance of polarity! Polarity is the single most critical factor in the use and application of magnets to the body for healing! (biomagnetics) It is estimated that about 80% of all magnetic therapy products sold today are not proper polarity.

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Please Note: Magnets should not be used by persons with Pacemakers or any electrical device implant. Use during pregnancy should be done only under the advise and supervision of your physician.