What is Bioenergy Ribose™ ?

What is Bioenergy Ribose™ ?

Energy to Power Metabolic Health Wellness

Like a computer, your body needs energy to keep running. Energy keeps your heart beating, your muscles contracting, and your brain and nervous system carrying the messages that synchronize the functions of life. For the most vital task of making the energy you need, your body produces ribose.

a-D-Ribofuranose (D-ribose, or simply ribose) is a five-carbon monosaccharide that is made in every cell in your body. Ribose stimulates the metabolic pathway used by the body to make a class of compounds called purines and pyrimidines. These compounds are essential for the body's production of many vital constituents, including the genetic material DNA and RNA, and the vital energy compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is called the "energy currency" of the cell because it gives our bodies the power to function, survive, and thrive.

ATP is critical to health and a healthy lifestyle, and ribose is the essential component in the making of ATP in the body.

Optimizing Energy
Age, illness, strenuous or infrequent exercise, overexertion, or a host of metabolic disorders can seriously drain ATP reserves from your cells and tissues. And that can leave you fatigued, sore, weak, and drained of energy.

To replace this lost energy, your body needs ribose. Ribose forms the structural backbone of ATP, and is the starting point for the synthesis of ATP in the body. Unfortunately, most cells in your body, including heart and muscle cells, lack the metabolic machinery to make ribose quickly or efficiently. Because your body produces ribose at such an extremely slow rate, any one of these health or physiological factors can leave your ATP levels in short supply.

In normal, healthy tissue, several days of rest will allow energy levels to return to normal. But, during the process, muscles can feel tired, weak, and sore. Supplementing with Bioenergy RIBOSE will accelerate the energy recovery process and help overcome the impact of overexertion.

When energy demand continually outstrips supply, such as in chronic conditions associated with many diseases or in repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise, the natural processes of energy recovery may not be able to keep up. In these conditions, the metabolic support offered by Bioenergy RIBOSE will help tissue rebuild the energy it needs to function at a higher level. This may mean higher exercise tolerance, better oxygen utilization and ventilatory efficiency, and a better quality of life.

Decades of research have shown how vital Bioenergy RIBOSE is to energy health and wellness. Bioenergy has contributed significantly to this scientific foundation with research focused on heart disease, chronic muscle disease, aging, and even athletic performance and recovery. This research has proven the benefit of Bioenergy RIBOSE in energy synthesis and salvage, tissue function, and overall health and wellness. Bioenergy RIBOSE is the only compound the body can use to regulate the important function of energy synthesis and salvage. No other natural bioactive compound - or ethical synthetic drug - can perform this vital metabolic function.

Bioenergy RIBOSE is safe, effective and patent protected. Bioenergy has a family of issued and pending patents covering all known applications for ribose in nutrition, medicine, and veterinary healthcare. Information on the science of Bioenery RIBOSE is also available.