Bioenergy RIBOSE™ and Heart Health

Bioenergy RIBOSE™ and Heart Health

Scientific and clinical studies have repeatedly shown that Bioenergy RIBOSE can restore energy and improve function in ischemic, hypoxic, and failing hearts. Oxygen deprivation causes hearts to use energy faster than it can be replaced through normal processes of tissue energy turnover. The result is a depletion of cellular energy reserves translating to loss of heart function.

Millions of Americans suffer the affects of coronary artery disease, and the prevalence of congestive heart failure is reaching epidemic proportions. Recent research has also proven that high-intensity endurance exercise places a considerable strain on the heart, leading to a loss of diastolic heart function that persists for several weeks to months following an event. Other research, conducted at the Mayo Clinic and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that and average of 26% of the population, male and female, have symptoms of cardiac diastolic dysfunction. More than half of those affected are unaware of their condition, but all are at risk for developing congestive heart failure.

When hearts lose energy, they first suffer a loss of diastolic function. The diastolic phase of the heartbeat is the relaxation phase, during which the heart fills with blood for the next heartbeat. A loss of diastolic capacity means less blood will circulate to the body during each beat, and frequently leads to a thickening and expansion of the heart muscle, known as hypertrophy. The result of chronic diastolic dysfunction can be congestive heart failure. For patients, the progressive consequence of the disease is shortness of breath, loss of exercise capacity, overwhelming fatigue, and worse.

Bioenergy RIBOSE increases cardiac energy to help fuel the heart. For patients, this can mean more energy and a higher quality of life. For athletes, it can enhance recovery following a strenuous exercise bout.

Bioenergy has prepared a white paper on the effect of Bioenergy RIBOSE in ischemic, hypoxic, and failing hearts, or you can refer to a complete list of references below for more information.
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