Testimonials - Ratings (More reviews can be found under each product listing.

"I have been searching for years for good organic skincare products that were ALSO affordable. I finally found JES Organics. Not only have I found a marked improvement in my skin but the prices fit well within my limited budget. Additionally, I was quite impressed that the company's founder, a healthcare professional and medical researcher, personally answered my questions regarding skincare and the product line. Best skincare products I've tried...ever.....and excellent customer service." Martha, Mesquite, Nevada 5/22/20

Janis, I wanted to share the GREAT NEWS we got from Benny’s Dr at MDAnderson and his holistic Dr.

Last week he had pet scan done and the activity that showed in last scan in the lymph nodes in lung was all gone this time and no activity showed anywhere else n body. Praise God for that Great News! Dr. had told us last time that what he was seeing is the usual steps it takes nx which is to the lymph nodes. His answer to the test this time was I guess immune system kicked in.

Then Monday we made trip to Alabama to see his holistic which we have done the last 5 months. He is the one that tested the mat on him thru the autonomic response testing and told us his body wanted it and it wouldn’t interfere with what he was doing.

When he checked cancer markers in him this time he found NONE! Then he checked for fungus which he was sure that was causing the cancer he found NONE!! He found some parasites but a easy fix for him!!

We are so THANKFUL for God putting your in our life to help heal his body! He has only put supplements and the mat. He has not put chemo or radiation or immunotherapy in his body since January.

He has used the mat for 4 weeks now daily and the mini he goes to the 158 today. Feels great and works everyday and comes home and works outside til dark. You would never know he had cancer other than the 20 lbs he lost thru treatments. Thanks for your help, Melinda. 6-24-20

"Thank you for filling my order so promptly! I would like to compliment Janis. She was so very helpful. She was incredibly patient and thoughtful, it was like having my own beauty consultant. She’s truly irreplaceable! I’m sure I’m going to love the products because of my Belief in organic natural products and my trust in Janis! Thank you," Becca, 6-12-19

1-24-19 Rhonda: Excellent, Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
"Always a great experience. Great customer service, if you have any questions about any products before ordering, etc. I love shopping here."

1-19-19 Michelle: Excellent, Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
"I love these products! This is my second order with JES Organics and I am very happy with what I received. Shipping is fast and the items are packaged well."

"Love this company.Great products and service. Always helpful Over the phone!" Melissa, 8-25-17
Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent

"Thanks for the personal recommendation! I appreciate all of your help. I've been using your products for a couple of years and I must say that your company has the "best"customer service as well as great products." 7-19-15 Bete, Florida

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
"I was very pleased with my first order of Jes. The customer service was excellent(Ms.Jes even took time to help me evaluate my skin and point out harmful chemicals in the products I currently use - and the products that I purchased I absolutely love! I purchased blush and eye shadow. And I asked for some samples which were also sent along with extra samples too!. The cosmetics go on like silk and last very long. I will be purchasing again."

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Peach Blush!, February 2, 2014 By Delena M. Jeffers. "The best cosmetic product I have ever used! The color is perfect for peach or pink, and the quality of the blush is excellent! It blends nicely (doesn't clump in one area) and it lasts all day. A little goes a long way. I love it, so I've ordered more products from JES Organics. The company is even matching my favorite foundation, so I can have the color and texture I like without the toxins! I couldn't be more satisfied and thankful for this product and the company."

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
"I found Jes Organics after searching for toxic-free, paraben-free cosmetics. Though I have tried products from many companies, I am most satisfied with Jes Organics. I started with the peach blush. It is amazing in color, texture, and quality. I loved it so much that I wanted to try the liquid foundation. When I ordered 4 different color samples, the owner of the company actually called me to ask what I needed. Her phone call started a fantastic series of information, assistance, advice, and definitely many wonderful products. Jes Organics matched my favorite foundation with their non-toxic one and the texture and color are perfect. Since that purchase, I have ordered concealer, lipstick, raspberry blush, finishing powder, and a full set of products for my son's acne. I have been more than pleased with ALL the products I have ordered. Ultimately, Jes Organics will be my one-stop-shop! The orders arrive accurately and promptly. The owner is knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I feel blessed to have found a company whose mission statement is one of health, beauty, and excellence."

"Thank you for the terrific customer service! Your super fast return call before store hours demonstrated that you care about your customers and understand business. One of my sisters is very wealthy and so I've been in a lot of top tier shops with her. The one thing they all have in common is extraordinary customer service. This was my third sale from JES Organics. Because of your healthy products and attentive customer service, I'll be back to shop again (and will recommend you to others)." Diane

"Thank you so much for your kindness and prompt attention, your service level is beyond A+." Nancy

"It is a pleasure to order online from you. The online order process is quick and easy. The free shipping is fantastic along with your prices. My products arrive in great condition and very quickly! Thank you!"

"I can't sing the praises loudly enough for the overall experience I've had with your company and your products. Your customer service is beyond outstanding and the products have helped improve the quality of life for both of my parents! It has been a dream dealing with your company in all aspects. Your company could teach a seminar in customer service which would be worth its weight in pure gold." Martha, Alaska

"My, you are very fast in sending out your orders..I got it two days later. good job." sylvia

"WOW!!!! I'm sold. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your quick response and your detailed explanations. The info is invaluable, and I will absolutely get to your website and order the products you have recommended. This is exactly what I was looking for. One other thing, I have been involved in a lot of Customer Service initiatives at the University where I work and you have fantastic communication skills, and I felt like you gave me very customer focused responses which of course I appreciate. Just goes to show that a little effort will go a long way. And just so that you know... it is clear to me that you are not a salesperson but someone who genuinely is interested in helping people help themselves. I respect that. Thanks again! I really appreciate the info and the one-on-one attention." Steve

"I am looking forward to receiving your products. I had received one of your items as a Christmas gift and was so impressed that I placed this order when I used up my gift. Thank you" Cheri, California

"My daughter is so excited about the skin care and loves it. She keeps thanking me and telling me how nice her skin feels. And of course, I absolutely love it too!" Mindy, Idaho

"Your skin care products are very nice and the best I've ever used." Vicki, California

"I received my package last Thursday, it arrived so so fast - I was very happy to see it! I've been using the cleanser regularly and have tried the mask a couple of times, my skin is looking so much healthier already. I love the soft creamy texture of the cleanser, it feels lovely. No problem with the shipping, the products are worth it!" Danielle, Australia

"Feels great on my skin, packaged very well and arrived quickly. A+++ seller." Victoria, Hawaii

"I want to thank for selling Corvalen at such a great price. I wouldn't be able to be as productive without it. It makes my FMS more bearable. I recently spent a week with my 2 young grandsons (2.5 and 4.5 years old). I wouldn't have been able to do it without Corvalen. And I wouldn't be able to use it as much as I do without your great prices! Thanks again." Catherine

Overall Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Comments: Quick, easy, accurate order from a company with a good variety of items including some that are difficult to find. Thanks!

Overall Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
"The Metagenics UltraClear product I purchased was awesome. After doing the detox my face cleared up and several of the brown spots faded and/or disappeared. I even got rid of a slightly raised mole on the side of my nose. This was totally unexpected. I have chronic fatigue and was doing the detox as part of my program to get healthy. I highly recommend it and I also highly recommend the people at Jes Collection who are very knowledgeable and highly responsive to questions." J.H.

Overall Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Good
Shipping Options Rating:Good
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Good
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
"I am very glad that I stumbled upon the JES Organics website. I loved the fact that the products were very well described with a full listing and explanation of each ingredient. I felt very confident that the products would be of the best quality and couldn't wait to place my first order. JES Organics offer excellent value for money and also sell sample sized products which is a fantastic idea. The customer service is absolutely fantastic, the staff were all so helpful and efficient with any queries I had. My order was shipped very quickly. I highly recommend you purchase from JES Organics!! 10 out of 10!", Danielle, Australia

"Thank you for the products, the gift of the lip gloss, the tips you offered, and, most of all, for sharing God's Word. The lipstick is perfect. I apply it lightly with my fingers (blotting a bit), then apply the lip gloss over it. it certainly makes a 65-yr old senior citizen look pretty good. I had just discovered your internet site when I called, so will consider ordering the anti-aging kit as soon as my other products are used up. Your prices are quite competitive and I know with your expertise as a nurse and being in Christ, your products come with much blessings. Oh, the shea butter is truly authentic!!! Hubby and I just love it. I now have nice smooth skin -- all over! Love & Blessings" Joan

Comfort Buddy:
(Collared Cape)"I tried it last night. Was wonderful and relaxing. Love the herbals. Surprised at how heavy it is (a good thing because it pushes the shoulders down) and well made. My hubby will try it tonight. He has neck and shoulder issues and I am sure he will like it as much as I do. Thanks." Freda

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe the quality of your relax wrap! I have had other brands in the past that cost the same price or more and I didn't smell any herbs even though they claimed to have a bunch in there, plus the stitching was not good, after a short while, the flaxseeds started falling out. I love the beautiful design and it is obvious from the beautiful stitching and attention to detail that these are made with love, the quality is fantastic!"

"I have suffered with back pain for a long time. I recently purchased your back wrap with the velcro and now I wear it during the day while I work and it helps to keep my muscles warm which in turn eases the constant pain. I also use your collared cape and one of your smaller relax wraps at night before sleeping in addition to the back wrap. I can't tell you how much I love your products and I couldn't live without these. Thanks for making such good quality wraps for those of us in pain."

"I am always cold so I use these occasionally during the day and always use a couple of these when I go to bed, I get warmed up real fast - that is so great - no electricity with electric blankets!"

CorvalenM Personal Quotes
"I want to thank for selling Corvalen at such a great price. I wouldn't be able to be as productive without it. It makes my FMS more bearable. I recently spent a week with my 2 young grandsons (2.5 and 4.5 years old). I wouldn't have been able to do it without Corvalen. And I wouldn't be able to use it as much as I do without your great prices! Thanks again." Catherine

"Hi! My mom usually corresponds on my behalf to order CorvalenM. She mentioned my success with it the other day on the phone while ordering and you asked I write a success story, so here it is. I have been ill for over two years. I have Lyme disease and became so severely fatigued to the point that I did not have the stamina to make it through a short trip to the grocery store. My right leg is more severely affected and so I limp. Frankly, for the brief distance that I could walk, I walked like a drunk, running into walls, holding onto things for balance and such and then my legs simply would not support my weight anymore so I had no choice but to use the motorized cart. That formerly easy 30 paces walk from the parking lot to the store was now a daunting task. I had to use my Mom's arm for a crutch/cane. In fact, every distance seemed so much longer than before. And I haven't even mentioned the flight of steps that awaited me at home that loomed so ominously over me, they never looked so steep. I wound up either pulling myself up the stairs by the railing, getting a hold of my pants leg and moving my leg to each next step, or just crawling up and dragging my legs behind me. Then, as part of my treatment program, my Dr. prescribed CorvalenM, once in the morning and once in the evening, a few months ago. I have been taking it faithfully and have noticed substantial improvement. For the most part my walking appears normal which is saying quite a bit in comparison to my former condition. I can walk up the stairs, walk a straight line, and even jump a little off the floor. I recently went to my cousin's wedding and, with an extra dose or two, I was, much to my surprise, able to dance which, without this product, would have been completely impossible. We call it the magic juice. I'm so relieved to find a product that really works! Thank you so much!" Sincerely, Stephanie K.

Metagenics Fibroplex & Bioenergy CorvalenM:
"These two products have helped with the aches and pains of my fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain. I can do more than I did before taking these products. All of the Metagenics supplements are high quality and I would recommend them to anyone." Vicki, Dublin, California

"I am 60 years old and have been taking CorvalenM for 2 weeks. I do mild exercising at home about 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes each time. Today for the first time I was able to continue lifting the dumbbells without getting tired and I was able to continue jumping on the Rebounder without getting tired. I remember thinking, "wow this is neat, I’m not getting tired". I look forward to more effortless exercising. Thank you to the makers of CORvalenM M and to your staff at JES for the help and information." Peggy, Florida

"Here's my story with the MyocalmPM. I'd been taking Restoril for at least 3 years nonstop for sleep. And still not sleeping terrifically every night. I had not realized it was addictive, either. So, when you suggested the MyocalmPM, I gave it a try. I cut my Restoril capsules in half for a week, and took that together with the MyocalmPM. After the week, I quit the Restoril and have been taking the MyocalmPM since - about 2 more weeks. I fall asleep easily, stay asleep (except when the cat is pushy) and, as long as I can get 7 hours sleep per night (not staying up late when I have to get up early) I'm starting to wake up feeling rested. I'm so glad you recommended it! Taking the Corvalen twice daily has made a difference, too! Thanks for everything” Susan, San Diego

"I have a disease where the muscles in my arms and legs deteriorate slowly over time. As a result it makes me very tired/fatigued. After a few hours of running errands, playing golf or walking/standing for long periods all I could do was sit quietly at home because I was completely exhausted. However, since taking CorvalenM this has changed. Now physical activity does not exhaust me. But if I don’t take the CorvalenM the effect is immediate and the exhaustion returns. I am thankful for CorvalenM. It has enabled me to have a more normal life. I have been taking CorvalenM for almost a year." Walt Huff, June 2007

“I was practically bedridden with pain and fatigue that required narcotics for the pain. My pain and fatigue were horrendous. After taking CorvalenM, I am up and running around with friends and I am taking hardly any narcotics now for the pain. It is like a miracle!” Laura, San Diego

"Recently, my husband and I started our own business. I was worried how I was going to do it, since I am so low energy. Thanks to CorvalenMtwice a day I am able to work 10-12 hours a day. This is something I never would have been able to do without it. Thanks JES Collection!"-- Melissa, Tustin

"My rheumatologist had recommended a stretching program for my fibromyalgia, but even gentle stretches left my muscles tighter and in more pain. After taking CorvalenMmy muscles started to loosen while stretching resulting in more comfort when I sit and stand." Anne, San Diego

"I use the CorvalenM and now I don't feel like I have to take a nap in the afternoon." Barbara, San Diego

JES Organics Brand Products
"This is a terrific cleanser! Not only does it remove all makeup easily (waterproof suncreen, foundation, blush, powder, etc.), but it is creamy, gentle and does not leave my dry skin feeling tight, as most cleansers do. Doesn't sting my eyes, either. I will definitely repurchase!" Becky, Manhattan

"Wonderful texture, great slip, mildly scented. Great for mature, sensitive and dry skin. Love it" Sally, Georgia

"This cleanser is wonderful to use on everyone. It's now my make-up remover/ first cleanse in the facial room. Loveley smooth texture with lots of slip without being greasy." Betty, California

"Regular soap is a not an option particularly on mature skin. This cleanser is pure perfection. It rinses off easily and does not leave a heavy film. Fantastic...5 stars... highly recommended!" Sherry, Minnesota

"Love it, makes our face feel like satin." Amanda, Florida

"Really love the richness of the product and very effective. love the ingredients which is highly important to us. the quality is wonderful!" Carol, Washington

Organic Jojoba Lotion
"Amazing Lotion! Great for dry and sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished. My customers love it!" Angela, Altanta

"This lotion is fantastic! I have very dry skin and it absorbs wonderfully without the "wet" or "oily" feeling. After one week use I noticed that I didn't feel dry and itchy. Love it!" Kelly, South Carolina

"I took advantage of the sale to try the organic skin care trio. Oh my gosh! I had been using other organic products on my face, but these were far superior. The Organic Gentle Milk Cleanser made my face feel really soft. You really have to try it! I love it! The Organic Lavender & Chamomile Toner made my face feel really clean, and the Organic Jojoba facial and body lotion really was nice and light on my skin. I was very impressed with all 3 products." Laura, California

"Just wanted to say how excited I am to have found out about your company, I found you through the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep rating site. Your company ranked very high in safety for moisturizers. Can't wait to try it out!" Rachel, IL

"I just received my lip glosses from you and I love them! As you know I wasn't keen on lip gloss because my past experience with other lip glosses I had tried was that it tended to feel heavy and stickey but you convinced me to try it and you were right. It really feels like a wonderful lip balm with a little color and shine. It is great to know that I am not putting any of those nasty toxic chemicals on my lips too! Once again great products JES." Amelia, Kansas City

"I was one of the lucky ones that got to be part of your focus groups and test these products before they were launched and I was thrilled with the results. The gentle milk cleanser is heavenly and my skin feels wonderful, followed by the lavender chamomile toner and the jojoba moisturizer. I feel so fresh and clean and healthy too knowing that I am not putting toxic chemicals on my face. I noticed a difference right away in my skin and it continues to improve every day. And, my skin did not break out! I have sensitive skin and I am in love with your products! The luscious lips moisturize my lips unlike any other lip balm I have tried. The stress balm lives up to its claims and is lovely. Thanks JES Collection for your dedication to great products!" Rosemarie, New York

"I really like the skin care stuff I ordered! And I love the stress balm. I actually got rid of all my other lotions and am just using yours. The toner smells awesome too. I’ll tell you that I ended up returning over $100 worth of soap/lotion/toner for my face (to Bath and Body Works) and got yours for a fraction of that price…and it’s far superior". Angie, Oregon

"Your lip balms are the best I've ever tried. I highly recommend them to others. Once you try them, you will never go back to any other lip product!" I can't tell you how much I LOVE your soaps! They are wonderful. They make my skin feel soooooo smooth. I love all your products!" Carol, San Diego

"I love your soaps! My skin feels soft and smooth and I feel so clean and fresh!" Evelyn, San Diego

“I am loving the soap very much and it's nice to have several bottles of the lotion in strategic places around the house. I had not noticed that I had much sensitivity to bath products previously but now my skin is telling me "thank you". And I notice a difference that my skin doesn't feel as dry and tight but more importantly I have peace of mind in knowing that nothing is hazardous to my health in your products. I appreciate the time and effort that it has taken you to find such great products.” Susan, San Diego

"The Muscle Balm works really great for pain, I use it on my neck and knees, and it really takes away the pain." Millie, San Diego

"I love the lip balm, it's very smooth. Now that I've used your lip balm, all others pale in comparison!" Angie from Oregon

"I love being able to go out in the sunshine and not getting burnt anymore. Even though I am in the sun daily, my skin is soft and smooth thanks to your natural products. No more toxic sunscreens!" Connie, Hawaii

What people are saying about Metagenics products and the way they make them feel:
Metagenics products are tested in a clinical setting in the Functional Medicine Research CenterSM and we also get valuable feedback from people just like you who use our products to promote better health.

"I feel great and I now have the energy to do more with my family and students. This is all possible because of using your product. It has truly changed my life. I would like to say 'Thank you!' to Metagenics!" - Jeff S., Mississauga, ON

"I don't need to habitually eat sugary snacks anymore..I have begun exercising regularly, have better eating habits, and I am more educated about low-glycemic foods, healthy fats, and exercise..Thank you, Metagenics!" - Paul G., Berkeley, CA

"I feel so beautiful, healthy and energetic for the first time, and I'm seeing how fun life can really be when you're not sick and tired all the time!" - Lynn R., Calgary, AB

"I can now walk two miles daily, swim for an hour twice a week, and work out on my strength-building machines without stiffness or pain. My pain in the past kept me from doing things I enjoy. I now have the energy to spend quality time with my family, especially my granddaughters." - Violet K., Tenino, WA

"I feel stronger, healthier, and more energized than I've felt since high school. I am in the best shape of my life."-Jeff M., Portland, OR

"I truly feel healthier in all of my life!" - Clancy P., Springfield, MO

"I feel as if I am dreaming and if you pinch me, I will wake up from this dream and return to the nightmare that was my life and my health." - Joy L., West Dundee, IL

"I have never in my life felt as great as I do today. I owe so much to Metagenics for literally changing my life." - Melanie R., Orillia, ON

"Rarely is someone's life so positively changed in 12 short weeks. I see and feel a new, healthier person emerging, and I have never felt this way before!" - Bianca P., Crystal Lake, IL

"I have been more energetic than I have been in years. Thank you, UltraMeal, for making this easy." - Patricia from AZ

"I have changed my life." - Tami L., Cadillac, MI

"I have noticed that the quality of sleep has improved dramatically and as a direct consequence of this I feel more alert and aware of my work and the things going on around me. My overall memory function had improved greatly and I feel less stress throughout the day." - Paul S., Orillia, ON

"I am experiencing energy levels that belong to someone in their late twenties or early thirties. I no longer struggle to get up off the sofa and I don't fight to get out of bed. The Metagenics team is working diligently to provide pure, safe, high quality, and clinically reliable formulas that are guaranteed to change your life for the better." - Charles T., Orlando, FL

"I have had more energy so I am able to walk at least four times a week. I can keep more with my children's busy schedule." - Patty P., Cville, IL

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your UltraMeal products, and I do believe that they contributed immensely to my success." - Alverna W., Willow Street, PA

"I can now run three miles easily. I keep getting faster every day." - Vikki M., Reed City, MI

"I now have more energy and have even taken up a new hobby-golf. I am thrilled to be able to walk all 18 holes of a challenging golf course." - Paul G., St. Joseph, MI

"Thank you so much! My results have exceeded my highest expectations." - John from PA

"Your product is the best I have tried. My energy level has gone up drastically and my all around health I feel has improved. Thank you, Metagenics, you have made a big difference in my life." - Patty R., Orillia, ON

"I have had more energy and it is easier to walk." - Rick D., North Ogden, UT

"The vending machines have no further attraction for me. Thank you, for the changes in my life." - Patrick M., Haslett, MI

"I feel enthusiastic and so excited with the results I've gotten. Thank you so very much!" - Linda M., Downington, PA "What a difference! The program gives you wonderful food choices. You are never hungry. The [UltraMeal] bars and shakes are delicious. But most of all, the program is doable and brings success." - Kay C., Rochester, WA

"I cannot thank you enough for what your product has done from my life." - William from OR

"After three weeks. I had lost 3% body fat. With UltraMeal I was completely satisfied and now I look forward to my 'meals' with UltraMeal. It has changed my life." - Dorothy from UT

Jewelry Customer Quotes
"I bought 6 of your pieces and I love the beautiful pendants you have on your necklaces and the way that you coordinate your colors. I get compliments everywhere!" Connie, North Carolina

Cuddle Ewe Testimonials
"I wanted to thank you my daughter actually enjoys sleeping in her bed now that she has a cuddle ewe." Brian

"I bought my cuddle ewe about 7 years ago and to this day love it and consider it worth every penny. It's like sleeping on a cloud. Over time, it compresses a bit, but is still very, very comfortable. I will never, ever be without one - simply said. Definitely helps with the fibro pain, and we need all the help we can get. Good luck, highly recommend you get one - you'll love it! Carol

"I bought my cuddle ewe a few years ago, it arrived pretty quickly. Because we have a king sized bed, it was expensive, and heavy! At first, the thing was so "poofy" that it was surreal, but VERY comfortable. Like settling into a cloud! My sleep DID improve, and my husband's did also. The mattress cover has compressed, but I keep turning and flipping it, and it is still quite comfortable. It's definitely time to turn it again, this week is the first time I had hip pain on arising in all this time! Hubby and I nearly fight over the one wool pillow I got; I'll have to get more soon. Tracey

If your fibro affects your sleep, the cuddle ewe underquilt can definitely help. It also got me to GO to bed, as I had a blissfully cozy nest to go to! I used to have "princess and the pea" syndrome where even a wrinkle in the sheet would wake me, but this cover has helped reduce the pain and painful sensations from pressure on my skin. Stephanie

I love my cuddle ewe, and I hope I can always have one on my bed! And the pillow is very nice and squishy, not scratchy. The only change I would want would be bamboo instead of cotton on the cover! Mary

I've have had my cuddle ewe for 9 years and am giving myself a new one for Christmas. I recommend it for anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia or arthritis. The wool "cuddles" you and eases stress on all pressure points. It radiates your own body heat back to keep you warm without heavy blankets, but is not hot in the summer. My mattress is 25 years old, but I can still put off buying a new one because of the Cuddle Ewe underquilt. Beth

"I have had my cuddle ewe for 3 months and would hate to sleep without it! I have back and neck pain, and it has really taken the pressure off my shoulder blades when I lie on my back. Along with other healthy changes, it has helped me to sleep for longer periods instead of awakening multiple times at night. It's definitely worth the investment!" Stacey, Washington

"I purchased my Cuddle Ewe mattress cover spring of 2005. Before that, I tried memory foam, egg crate, down feather beds, even sleeping on top of 5-6 blankets. I still woke up stiff, tired, crabby, and unproductive - every single day. I was looking at the $3000 beds available out there when I decided to give one last try to the Cuddle Ewe. I thought it probably wasn't going to work, since everything else less than $1000 had failed as well. I am so glad to say purchasing the Cuddle Ewe was the best investment I could have possibly made. I saved myself about $2500 that I was going to spend on a new air bed, and I have never slept better in my entire life. And the flannel sheets make my bed feel like a cloud. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! Laura S. Harrison Towns, MI February 2006 via email

"I have been using your product for the last couple of weeks and I cannot thank you enough for the first good night’s sleep I have had in years. I had a kidney removed last year and had horrible scarring and pain and have been sleeping in a recliner for the last 13 months because of pain, as well as living with mixed connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia. I have daily pain, stiffness, and overwhelming fatigue, which makes working full time and caring for 2 children very difficult. I have had no less than 5 hours of sleep at a stretch since using the Cuddle Ewe Underquilt and this is the longest period I have slept at one time in I cannot even remember when. My nights were spent tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable with pillows, etc. to no avail. I now can go to sleep and wake up never having even moved around and my mornings are easier as I am not nearly as stiff and my pain & fatigue are markedly improved. I see some hope for my future now. I balked originally at the cost, but it is a small price to pay to get some quality of life back. I do not know the secret to the Underquilt, but whatever it is, it is pure genius, and I look forward to continued peaceful nights. I no longer dread going to bed and I am using less sleeping medications that treat only the symptoms and not the underlying problems. Thanks for the new lease on life!!! Elizabeth C. August 2005

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for about 5 years. The worst area [is] in my legs. When I would go to bed at night after a few hours my legs would be in such pain I could not sleep. I would take sleeping pills and pain pills and still lost a lot of sleep from the pain. My husband had to move to the spare room because I would be so restless at night from the pain. I would have to keep moving my legs because they hurt so much. Of course when I got up in the morning for work I was dead tired and stiff and still in pain. I tried many different doctors, chiropractors, physical therapy, and even acupuncture. Nothing helped. I tried sleeping on the egg crate type mattress covers and even the tempurpedic mattress cover and still no relief. I went on the Internet and read about [Cuddle Ewe]. It was quite expensive but after all I had been spending on other things I decided to give Cuddle Ewe a try. With the 90 day guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose. Well I put it on my bed two weeks ago and the very first night I had relief. I have not had the pain in my legs since I put the Underquilt on my bed. I didn't think I would ever be able to get through a night without pain, but I can honestly testify that this Underquilt works. I would dread going to bed at night because I knew I was going to be in pain now I look forward to going to bed. What a great product!!! It was well worth what I paid for it." Thank you! Diane C. Liberty, NC January 2004

"I bought our first Underquilt 2 months ago. I have not had a bad day since. Before buying it, I was extremely tired to the point of misery during the daytime working hours. Weekends, I didn't want to do anything. I knew I was healthy, but I just hurt, with chronic fatigue. This went on for many years. I take vitamin supplements and exercise. Nothing really helped. I now have an Underquilt for the spare bed. It is amazing how it takes away the pain and fatigue. I want others to know, if they are afraid of 'taking the plunge' and spending the money, it is well worth it. I paid with a smile. It is a great product, no drugs, no hassle. I am in the health field profession. I know that fibromyalgia is a diagnosis that some doctors don't really agree with. But the ones who do are very understanding. However, they need to know more of this product. I have taken the information to health food stores, and I share it with friends. I hope to help someone else. I called a friend to tell her about it, and she said 'Oh, I have had one for 13 years... I love it!!!' So, thank you for an honest great product. The only problem is, getting out of bed because it feels so good to lie in it!!!!" Linda R. December 2003 via e-mail.

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I can't live without my Cuddle Ewe mattress pad. I ordered my first one from you a few years [ago], and it is simply a miracle. I have tried several different pads, including the magnetic type, and Cuddle Ewe is the only pad I use now. I am ordering a second for my vacation home, and also the travel pad as I travel 3 times a year to Mexico and have horrible pain sleeping on hotel mattresses without my Cuddle Ewe pad. I have also tried many different kinds of pillows and yours are the best. They don't look like much, but they are simply perfect for keeping my fibromyalgia pain at bay. Thank you all so very much for a great product that I simply refuse to live without." Sherrie Westminster, CA January 2004

"You have transformed our sleeping arrangements into a soft heavenly experience. We added the comfortable mattress pad and man what a pleasant surprise! In one night we went from a roll-a-round sleep bed to silk sheets on a cloud delight. It is so nice I'm afraid to check the other thrills tucked in the cloud folds. There is my testimonial. Use it and grow with it. It's a great product." As always, Colleen and Will M. October 2003

"We purchased a Cuddle Ewe under quilt earlier this year and have been very pleased. Recently my sister-in-law from the United Kingdom vacationed for five weeks with us and slept in the bed with the Cuddle Ewe quilt. She says she never slept so well in her 66 years!" Best Regards, Roger and Pat P. December 2003

"As a Fibromyalgia Support Group Leader, I have seen many products touted as being beneficial for the many facets of FM. Some have a placebo effect, some don't work at all, and a few bring some relief but at a cost that is prohibitive. I believe your product is effective in aiding restorative sleep, at a cost that is minimal, considering the amount of use it offers. It certainly makes going to bed more like comfort, and less like torture. Thanks! Kathy L. Cincinnati, OH July 2004

"I wanted to enclose a personal letter to say how wonderful your product is. I have noticed a decrease in my pain when I get up in the morning and I have noticed a deeper more restful sleep than with my other mattress. The mattress I was using was less than a year old, but your product surpasses the pillow top in comfort and in allowing me to have the restful sleep that seems to evade those of us who have Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I am not pain free, as that is just a part of this disorder that I have to accept, but your product has been one that I will tell others with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia that they should invest in to help them get a better and more comfortable night’s sleep. Thank you for your product." Randolph S. Topeka, KS August 2004

"I received my Cuddle Ewe approximately three weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was sleeping better the second night! I suffer from Fibromyalgia and my husband has chronic back pain. Thanks to you, our aches and pains are almost eliminated. I finally look forward to bed. Thanks for a great product." Mariann D. Thorndike, MA March 2004

"We bought our Cuddle Ewe in July of 1999 and we are still as happy with it now as we were when it first arrived. My Fibromyalgia is going strong as ever and it has now moved down into my lower back with a vengeance and is causing an extreme amount of pain and the only thing that feels good to me is when I lay down on my Cuddle Ewe. I still to this day give a deep sigh of OOHHHHH that feels so good!!! I truly recommend the Cuddle Ewe for anyone who is having problems with Fibromyalgia or their back. It really makes a difference on your bed. Thanks again for such a wonderful product." Diane C. - Scappoose, OR March 2004

"I have been diagnosed with Polymyositis, which is similar to fibromyalgia. I do not know how to thank you for the most wonderful sleep I have had in the past 2 years. I awaken with no stiffness or pain and I feel rested. I also take naps on this wonderful 'Cuddle Ewe'. Thank you very much. I think doctors should be aware of this product and recommend it to their patients." Sincerely, Sarah M. Wright City, MO

"We wouldn't be without our Cuddle Ewes!!!! I found relief when I purchased a Twin for myself... It wasn't long before the Twin ended up on my son's bed (he loves it!!). For my birthday, my husband purchased a Queen for our bed. It was amazing how much better I feel once I had a Cuddle Ewe back on my bed. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I can't imagine life without my Cuddle Ewe. I think my next purchase will be a new Travel (Cuddle) Ewe!!!" Sincerely, Mrs. Jamie C.

"I want to tell you folks how much I have enjoyed the Cuddle Ewe Underquilt. I have rheumatoid arthritis and getting my rest at night has been a problem for many, many years. But I have had the most restful sleep since I have slept on this Underquilt. When I saw the Underquilt advertised, I felt that might be an answer to my sleep problem, and it was. I hope other people will enjoy the Underquilt as much as I have." Most Sincerely, Anne R. Washington, PA

"I bought this product for my wife to help her tolerate her FM. She has often cried herself to sleep because of the pain. I was desperately searching for anything that would help. In less than 3 days use of the Underquilt my wife is able to sleep all night. We've spent a lot on the supposed best mattress set we could buy. The Underquilt was the best investment of the two." Thank you, Richard S. Tucson, AZ

“The Cuddle Ewe is Very comfy for me, seems like it just sorta cuddles you.” Frank, Oregon