COMPLETE Acne Set - Organic, Natural, Paraben & Sulfate Free, Non-Toxic

JES Organics Acne Program has proven to be successful with many cases of acne from mild to more severe cystic acne. Following the complete acne program will produce the fastest and best results.

STEP:1 (Cleanse) Clear Skin Cleanser with AHA’s & DMAE does more than remove dirt. It is a foaming cleanser that is packed with ingredients that are perfect for acneic skin. PARABEN & SULFATE FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE. Packaged in a 6 oz. bottle with pump. Skin Types: Blemished, Oily & Combination.

STEP:2 (Exfoliate) Exfoliation removes the outer layer to reveal the newer skin beneath. This shedding of the outer layer unclogs pores, keeps skin clean, and helps reduce acne outbreaks. Exfoliation should always be done after cleansing the skin. This gentle jojoba bead exfoliant contains an intensive assortment of alpha acids. This Exfoliant is so perfect for all skin types.

STEP:3 Toner: This step closes the pores, adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining oil or dirt from the skin. This natural, all-in-one toner is both skin balancing & acne fighting. Alpha Hydroxies gently exfoliate while fruit acids balance your skin tone. Black Willowbark provides naturally occurring salicylic acid to fight the causes of acne. This toner does the job without stripping your skin and causing excessively dry or oily skin. DMAE gives your skin a tight and polished appearance while the essential oils get to the root of acne. The ingredients in our formula work together to create a powerful, yet gentle product. 6 oz. bottle

Skin Types: Acneic, Oily, Combination, Normal.

STEP:4 (Correct)

STEP:5 (Moisturizer) 6 oz. Bottle with Pump

STEP:6 (Mask) 4 oz. jar. Fullers Earth clay mask is a unique, 100% natural clay product. This particular clay has exceptional oil-absorbing properties, making it an ideal facial treatment for oily skin. Skin that is prone to blemishes and acne will also benefit. Fuller's Earth clay has a slight lightening effect on skin. When used as a facial mask for oily skin, it will effectively suck oil and dirt from deep below the skin's surface.

Not all Fuller's Earth clay is equal. The ideal product for skin is cosmetic grade clay that includes a specific combination of montmorillonite and bentonite. As opposed to that sold for industrial use, the cosmetic grade is a blend of these specific clays in proportions ideally suited for skin care.

A sedimentary clay that has been widely used as a skin-lightening agent and is best known for its ability to be applied as a "facial bleach". Because of its enormous drawing capabilities, Fuller's Earth is the number one choice for oily skin and those prone to acne. It literally draws oil from the skin.

It comes highly recommended to those with acne problems, blemishes, spotting, and people prone to oily skin.

Origin- USA. Shelf life- Indefinite (4-5 years recommended).

Cleanser Directions: Apply to your face your face and any areas where acne is an issue in upward circular motions & rinse off with a clean wet wash cloth or rinse off in the shower. For optimal results, use the full JES Organics Skin Care Regime for your specific skin type and concerns.

Exfoliant Directions: Exfoliate your face and neck 2-3 times a week (no more than 3 times a week). Always exfoliate in circular motions in an upward direction. Be gentle with your skin; you do not need heavy pressure to cleanse. You don't need to use anything but your hands; washcloths are optional.

Toner Directions: After cleansing your face, apply a moderate amount of astringent to a cotton ball and gently apply all over the face in upward motions. Allow to dry, and follow with JES Organics serum & moisturizer.

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Protect your skin from sunburn and sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Serum Directions: Apply to face and any problem areas at night after cleansing and toning. Avoid eyes.

Moisturizer Directions: After cleansing & toning, apply to your face, neck & decollete area in upward circular motions. Discontinue use if you experience skin irritation. For optimal results, use the complete JES Organics six step skin care regime consistently.

Mask Directions:: Mix a small amount of the clay powder with water or any liquid good for the skin. Apply it on your face and leave on for approximately 15 minutes. When dry, wash off with lukewarm water followed by a cold-water rinse.