Comfort Buddy - Small Eye Pillow

Comfort Buddy - Small Eye Pillow

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Best Top Rated Natural Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Products, Natural Organic Personal Care Products, No Parabens or Toxic Chemicals. Made in the USA. Natural Organic Makeup, Best Quality at affordable prices. NO Animal Testing. Owned by a Christian, Conservative Veteran woman.
Great for aiding in opening up your nasal passages and aiding in sinus drainage, great for anyone that suffers with restless sleep, headaches, under eye circles or puffiness, eye pain, fatigue or fever.

Use Information:

Comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillows and wraps take just a few minutes to heat up in the microwave. It is recommended that you use a turntable in your microwave if your microwave does not have a built in turntable. If you donít have a turntable, rotate your comfort buddy relaxaxtion pillow/wrap halfway through the heating to prevent overheating and for more even heating throughout.

Make sure that your microwave is clean before placing the comfort buddy inside the microwave. The comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillow cannot be washed. Donít leave your buddy unattended in the microwave. Microwave ovens differ in their wattage and efficiency so please heat your buddy in small increments of time and increase as necessary but never exceed 4 minutes maximum for the large collared cape buddy. Avoid overheating and scorching your buddy. The smaller buddy's such as the eye/sinus buddy should only take 15-60 seconds maximum to heat up. I recommend that you "test" your buddy the first few times you use it by heating it for 2 minutes for larger wraps and for 15-30 seconds for eye buddy's or smaller buddy, checking the temperature, then - if needed - heating it further in increments of 30 seconds. Your buddy should be very warm- but never so hot that it is uncomfortable to hold. Keep in mind that if you have a low wattage microwave oven, it will take longer to warm up your buddy. Remember that the comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillow will be warmer or colder on bare skin than through clothing.

To use your comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillow for cold therapy, place your buddy in the plastic bag or zip lock freezer bag to avoid exposure to moisture and food smells. Keep in the freezer for 1-2 hours prior to use.

When your comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillow/wrap is not in use, store in a sealed plastic bag at room temperature or in the refrigerator to preserve the aroma and life of the herbs. The comfort buddy cannot be washed but you can gently spot clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe or blot the stain immediately. Water can destroy your herbs so avoid exposure to moisture. The products are completely natural with no preservatives or chemicals.

This special blend of herbs is formulated for relaxation, pain relief, and decongestion. JES comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillows can be either heated in the microwave for heat therapy or can be placed in the freezer for cold therapy. JES comfort buddy herbal relaxation pillows are made with 100% cotton fabric (regular cotton or flannel cotton) and filled with flaxseeds and herbs (herbs are optional).

(Collared Cape)"I tried it last night. Was wonderful and relaxing. Love the herbals. Surprised at how heavy it is (a good thing because it pushes the shoulders down) and well made. My hubby will try it tonight. He has neck and shoulder issues and I am sure he will like it as much as I do. Thanks." Freda

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe the quality of your relax wrap! I have had other brands in the past that cost the same price or more and I didn't smell any herbs even though they claimed to have a bunch in there, plus the stitching was not good, after a short while, the flaxseeds started falling out. I love the beautiful design and it is obvious from the beautiful stitching and attention to detail that these are made with love, the quality is fantastic"

"I have suffered with back pain for a long time. I recently purchased your back wrap with the velcro and now I wear it during the day while I work and it helps to keep my muscles warm which in turn eases the constant pain. I also use your collared cape and one of your smaller relax wraps at night before sleeping in addition to the back wrap. I can't tell you how much I love your products and I couldn't live without these. Thanks for making such good quality wraps for those of us in pain."

"I am always cold so I use these occasionally during the day and always use a couple of these when I go to bed, I get warmed up real fast - that is so great - no electricity with electric blankets!"
Dried Herbs:
Eucalyptus Leaf
Fresh invigorating aroma, ease breathing, decongestant

Whole Chamomile Flowers
Relaxant, helps relax tense aching muscles and ease menstrual pain, relieves irritability, and promotes sleep. Helps relieve eyestrain. Used externally for anti-inflammatory treatments in the form of packs. The effect can be increased by placing a hot chamomile pad on the painful area. Sedative, antispasmodic and mildly analgesic, relieve cramping pains, headaches, and migraine.

Whole Lavender flowers
Calming influence, relaxant, ease irritability, headache, pain, muscle spasms, sore muscles, stress relief, help induce sleep and decrease anxiety. In the past, lavender has been used as a folk remedy for numerous conditions, including colic, nervousness, faintness, flatulence, giddiness, migraine, nausea, neuralgia, nervous headache, nervous palpitations, poor appetite, pimples, rheumatism, sores, spasms, sprains, toothache and vomiting.

White Willow Bark
Relieves aches and pains and reduce fevers.

Meadowsweet Herb
Pain relief, natural remedy for relieving headaches, relieve inflammation, swelling.

Peppermint Leaf
Relaxes muscles, soothes, improve concentration and mental sharpness.