Professional Vegan Cosmetic Make-Up Brushes. Top of the line silky soft vegan brushes that won't shed hairs on your face.

How to Clean Your Brushes

In addition to product buildup, the natural transfer of oils and air pollutants from your face to the brush can cause bacteria to collect on the brush. These bacteria can cause acne and irritation when transferred back on to the face. To prevent this, cleanse your brushes once a week. Use our organic gentle foaming hand soap and massage into the hairs of the brush until old product begins to dissolve. Holding the brush down, rinse with water until soap is removed and the water runs clear. Repeat if necessary. Dry brushes on a flat surface to maintain shape and structure.

Soak brushes in any liquid, even if it is labeled brush cleanser. Water in the ferrule can damage the wood handle as well as dissolve the glue holding the brush hairs in place.

Do not stand the brushes up while drying, as again water can get in the ferrule and damage the brush.

Do not blow on your brushes to remove excess powder! This can transfer bacteria from your mouth onto the brush, which ends up on your face. A simple tap on a hard surface will do!