"Continued clinical studies and the resulting scientific data affirm the abundant health benefits thousands derive from Bioenergy RIBOSE and our Corvalen products," says Bioenergy CEO and Chairman, Clarence Johnson. "As a result, we feel our company name should more accurately reflect that science and our continued commitment to enhancing wellness at a physiological level."

Indeed, Bioenergy Life Science’s ongoing research on the beneficial applications of ribose has resulted in an expansion of their product line. Clinically proven to improve energy, fight fatigue, increase exercise capacity, and help improve the quality of life, the Corvalen Medical Food professional line is now available in both regular Corvalen and CorvalenM with magnesium and malic acid. (Magnesium and malic acid help the body use energy more efficiently.) The Corvalen Professional line of products is distributed to hospitals and healthcare provides nationwide.

Corvalen Dietary Supplement, which helps maintain and recover healthy energy levels for those who suffer energy depletion because of age, overexertion, or stress, is also available in regular and magnesium/malic acid enhanced formulas.

Along with the name change, Bioenergy Life Science has developed a new look for their product packaging. A sunburst on the new label conveys an expansive burst of energy.

Says Johnson, "As we continue to discover new applications for and benefits of ribose, it’s clear that our line of products can improve the quality of life for a broader spectrum of people with a greater variety of needs. The new package design reflects that outcome."

NEW SCIENCE AND EXPANDING HEALTH BENEFITS INSPIRE CHANGES MINNEAPOLIS, MN, NOV 20, 2006— Highly-respected Valen Labs, Inc., widely known as the life sciences company responsible for the development and distribution of health-enriching Bioenergy RIBOSE™, Corvalen® Medical Foods, and Corvalen® Dietary Supplements, announced that as of October 1, 2006, their name has changed to Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

A new website is also in development, and will contain a host of wellness information, white papers, clinical study results, and expert findings on the benefits of ribose along with the Bioenergy RIBOSE, Corvalen Medical Food, and Dietary Supplement line of products.

Though the name and the look of the company may be new, Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. continues to maintain the same deep commitment to the health and wellness of all people, along with the clinically proven, beneficial line of products they have produced since the company’s inception in 1997.

Bioenergy, Inc. is a privately held, Minneapolis-based life sciences company whose core technology lies in the development and commercialization of products based on the physiological benefits of D-ribose in health and wellness. Bioenergy's clear mission is to develop products that increase the quality of its customers' lives by improving their metabolic health. Bioenergy Life Science, Inc., its subsidiary, markets ribose-based products to the functional food and clinical nutrition markets. Bioenergy Life Science products include Bioenergy RIBOSETM, a functional ingredient in the active lifestyle market; Corvalen®, and CorvalenM®, clinical nutrition products giving metabolic support to patients with heart and muscle disease.