Organic Natural Detox Deodorant

Organic Natural Detox Deodorant

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Best Top Rated Natural Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Products, Natural Organic Personal Care Products, No Parabens or Toxic Chemicals. Made in the USA. Natural Organic Makeup, Best Quality at affordable prices. NO Animal Testing. Owned by a Christian, Conservative Veteran woman.
Completely natural organic detox deodorant. Free of parabens, or other toxic chemicals. Made in the USA. No animal testing. This goes on like a cream and then dries to a powder form. 2.75 oz. jar.

Key Ingredient Benefits:

Coconut Oil: In addition to moisturizing and soothing the skin, a 2019 study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine concluded that coconut oil protects the skin by enhancing skin barrier function through its ability to suppress inflammation.

A study published in Archives of Dermatological Research reported that daily usage of store-bought antiperspirants stimulated odor-producing bacteria. In contrast, coconut oil contains natural antimicrobial properties that may help to rebalance the skin microbiome, which would reduce malodor. Whether applied topically or ingested, coconut oil is broken down to lauric acid and monolaurin, which have significant antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, as well as a number of fungi, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Oil Chemistsí Society.

Arrowroot powder: is used in deodorant because it is absorbent and helps to keep the skin dry. It provides a light, soft, silky finish to the skin that can also provide a cooling, drying, and freshening sensation1. Arrowroot powder is popular in deodorizing body powders for its ability to absorb sweat and moisture, and if formulated with Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils, it can help mask odors as well.

Bentonite clay has several benefits when used in deodorant. It helps draw out impurities, toxins and heavy metals from the body and underarms, neutralizes body odor, absorbs sweat, keeps skin soft, smooth and healthy, prevents irritation, rashes and bumps.

Baking Soda: Because of its antibacterial properties, baking soda decreases bacterial abundance, which reduces malodor. It's alkaline, which helps to neutralize acids and maintain proper pH for prevention of malodor formation.

Essential Oils: These natural oils add desirable aroma to deodorant while providing health benefits. For example, according to 2011 review article published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, tea tree oil is effective at reducing malodor because it contains terpinen-4-ol, an active antimicrobial agent. Tea tree oil inhibits bacteria that contribute to malodor, including Corynebacterium spp. and Staphylococcus spp., according to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control. Patchouli oil has been shown to have some deodorizing effects when applied topically. Sage essential oil has been found to be an effective natural deodorant ingredient that can help diminish the bacteria that causes body odor. It is also rich in calcium and vitamin A, and works as an antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-fungal remedy. Lemongrass oil as a natural and safe deodorizer.
"I'm telling you I've tried countless deodorants, and nothing compares to yours. I do have to say that your deodorant is THE only deodorant that I have found that works for me. It's truly amazing, I put it on after I shower and have NEVER had to reapply, even after a workout. I wasn't sure I'd like my deodorant in a jar, but the feel of it is amazing and I don't even feel like I need to wash my hands afterwards. And one jar lasts us much longer than any stick deodorant we've used. The other HUGE plus about your deodorant is that it does not leave marks or stain my clothes. Other natural deodorants I have found work for me (only if I reapply), but they ruin our shirts." Nina, 9-5-23

"WOW! This deodorant is amazing. I applied it in the morning after my shower and what is shocking is that it not only worked through the entire day but also through the night of sleep and through the next day without a shower". Helen, 9-13-21

"I've tried natural deodorants in the past and was leery of trying the JES version but I'm so glad that I did. It smells good and goes on smoothly. It is not greasy, and it works! An added bonus is that the dark skin in my armpits actually faded over just a few days. My husband decided to try it too and he had the exact same results. My armpit skin looks much healthier. I can't do without this product!" Cathy, 11/16/20

"This product works great! Normally I cannot wear natural deodorants as they give me a smell and don't work but this works really great through the whole day and even sleeping at night." Sarah, 5-25-18

"I really love this product"! Laurie, 4-19-19
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Bentonite Clay, Zinc Oxide, Organic Rooibos Tincture, Vitamin E, Organic Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Sage, Rosemary, Patchouli.