Scientific Literature On Ribose

Scientific Literature On Ribose

Anti-Aging & Mitochondria
Borel 2007 D Ribose enhances basal mitochrondial 738.5 lucas myer AB.pdf
Chinnery 2004 Epid of Mitrochon disorders.pdf
Goebel 1987 Myoadenylate deaminase deficiency.pdf
Gross 1989 Metabolism of D ribose administered continuously to healthy.pdf
Healthy Aging_StCyr_NovDec07.pdf
Seifert 2002 Effect of ribose ingestion on indices of free Radicals (single Page).pdf

Fibromyalgia (FMS) & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Gebhart 2004 Ben Rib Pt Fibro.pdf
Integrative Medicine 2005 v4no4 (24-29).pdf
Lund 2003 Mus Met in Fibro stud by p-31.pdf
Olsen 1999 Skeletal Muscle Abnormalities Fibromyalgia.pdf
Ribose in Fibromyalgia 0505 Revised.pdf
Teitelbaum 2006 The use of d-ribose in chronic fatigue syndrome.pdf

Heart Health
Altarejos 2005 myo isc diff reg lkb1 and alt 5amp.pdf
Amrani 1998 Differences in nucleotide metabolism and mechanical.pdf
Angello 1988 Effect ribose thallium 201 myocardial.pdf
Angello 1989 Reovery myocardial function thallium 201.pdf
Baliga_Young_Energizing Diastole_Jan08.pdf
Bax 2001 Sens Spec Pred Acc Det Hib Myocar.pdf
Befera 2007 Ribose treatment helps preserve function myocardium AB.pdf
Befra Ribose treatment helps preserve myocardium AB.pdf
Brown 2001 Hybernating Myocardium Review.pdf
Carter 2005 (ACC) D-ribose supplementation improves cap and vet eff.pdf
Clay 1988 Chronic alcoholic cardiomyopathy.pdf
Dr Vagnini Web Interview July 2007.pdf
Enzig 1986 Maintained myocardial ATP with long term AB.pdf
Gonzales 2006 Ribose treatment imporived heart function AB.pdf
Gradus-Pizlo Effect d-ribose detection hibernating myocardium.pdf
Gray 2000 Influence of age and heat stress on cardiac.pdf
Harmsen 1984 Enhanc ATP>P from hypo.pdf
Hegewald 1991 Ribose infusion accelerates thallium.pdf
Ibel 1986 Metabolic Recovery Following Temp Reg. Myo Ischemia.pdf
Ingwall 2004 Is the Fail Hrt Ergy Strvd.pdf
Ingwall 2006 Hypothesis failing heart energy starved.pdf
Johnson 2005 Ribose preserves ventricular function Internel J of Thoracic Cardio.pdf
Li 1997 Metabolism and actions of ADP ribose.pdf
MacCarter 2007 Ribose Benefits COPD AB.pdf
MacCarter 2008 D ribose Aids Advanced Ischemic Heart Failure Patients to be published Int J Cardiology Summer 2008.pdf
MacCarter St. Cyr 2007 D-Ribose Benefits COPD - Internet Journal of Pulmonary Medicine..pdf
Neubauer 2007 NEJM The Failing Heart An Engine Out of Fuel.pdf
Omran 2003 Rib Imp diast func.pdf
Omran 2004 Dribose aids cong1 copy.jpg
Parang 2005 Metabolic modulators chronic cardiac ischemia.pdf
Pasque 1982 Ribose enhanced myocardial recovery following.pdf
Pasque 1984 Metabolic intervention to affect myocardial.pdf
Pauly 2000 D-Ribose as a supplement for cardiac energy metabolism.pdf
Pauly 2003 Benefits of ribose in cardiovascular disease Full paper.pdf
Pauly 2004 Ischemic heart disease metabolic approaches to management Full paper.pdf
Perkowski 2005 (FASEB) pre surg load of oral d off pump revasc.pdf
Perkowski 2006 D Ribose Improves (PATS).pdf
Perkowski 2007 D Ribose Improves J Surg Res.pdf
Perkowski Wagner 2008 D Ribose Improves Cardiac Index New Era AB.pdf
Perkowski JCardSurg 2007 Letter.pdf
Perlmutter 1991 Detection reversible thallium 201.pdf
Pina 2003 Exrcse and Heart Fail.pdf
Pliml 1992 Eff rib on ex_ind isch.pdf
Pliml 1993 Effects of Therapeutic ribose levels.pdf
Redfield 2003 Burden of systolic and diastolic.pdf
Ribose in Heart Failure 0505 Revised.pdf
Schneider 1985 ATP and Function AB.pdf
Sharma 2005 _ISHR_ drib imp dopp tei myoc.pdf
Shave 2004 Alt card func card dam pro exer.pdf
Siess 1983 Cardiac synthesis degradation pyridine nucleotides.pdf
Tveter 1988 Enhanced recovery of diastolic dysfunction.pdf
Vance 2000 D Ribose Maintains Ejection FASEB.pdf
Vijay 2005 (ISHR) ven eff imp d rib cong hrt fail pts.pdf
Vijay 2005 _HrtFaiMtg_ rib imp vent eff chf class II-IV.pdf
Vijay 2008 St. Cyr D-ribose benefits heart failure patients March 2008.pdf
Zimmer 1978 Stimulation of myocardial adenine nucleotide biosynthesis.pdf
Zimmer 1979 Long term effects of ribose on adenine nucleotide.pdf
Zimmer 1980 Restitution of myocardial adenine nucleotides acceleration.pdf
Zimmer 1982 Ribose enhances the isoproterenot elicited positive.pdf
Zimmer 1983 Effects of ribose on cardiac metabolism and function.pdf
Zimmer 1983 Normalization of depressed heart function in rats.pdf
Zimmer 1984 Adenine nucleotide biosynthesis in cardiac muscle regulation.pdf
Zimmer 1984 Ribose accelerates the repletion of the ATP pool during.pdf
Zimmer 1984 Ribose intervention cardiac pentose.pdf
Zimmer 1984 Ribose prevents the propranolol induced reduction.pdf
Zimmer 1989 Myocardial Infarction in Rats.pdf
Zimmer 1992 Oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in heart.pdf
Zimmer 1996 Regulation of and intervention into th eoxidative pentose.pdf
Zimmer 1998 Significance 5 phosphoriboysl 1 pyro.pdf

Monograph Corvalen 07/08.pdf
Monograph CorvalenM 07/08.pdf

Ribose & Blood Sugar
Beaconsfield 1967 Hypoglycemia After Oral Ribose.pdf
Bierman 1959 Metabolism of D-Ribose Diabetes.pdf
Bloom 1955 Glucose catabolism liver slices phosphogluconate.pdf
Fenstad 2000 Effects of ingested ribose on blood glucose AB.pdf
Fenstad 2008 Dose Effects of D-Ribose on Glucose and Purine Metabolites Int J Nutri.pdf
Ginsburg 1970 Hormanl Changes During Ribose Induced Hypoglycemia.pdf
Goetz 1967 Regulation Insulin Secretion.pdf
Goetz 1974 Indirect Mechanism Insulin Dog.pdf
Gross 1991 Serum Levels Glucose Insulin Man.pdf
Ribose_Blood Sugar_Science 070303.pdf

Skeletal Muscle Health
Armando 2003 mod of skl musc ca2+release.pdf
Barnard 1973 Ischemic response to sudden stress.pdf
Bogdanis 1995 Recovery of power output and muscle.pdf
Bogdanis 1998 Power output and muscle metabolism.pdf
Brault 1999 Purine salvage rates AB.pdf
Brault 2001 Purine salvage to adenine nucleotides Full paper.pdf
Brault 2001 Pur Salv to Aden Nucs.pdf
Chatham 1985 Studies of th eprotective effect.pdf
Cheetham 1986 Human muscle metabolism AB.pdf
Constantin 1997 Anaerobic energy production.pdf
Dodd 2004 Role of ribose in human skeletal muscle Full paper.pdf
Gallagher 1999 Effects ribose ingestion human ACSM PAPER.pdf
Grant 2000 Therapeutic nutraceutical treatments.pdf
Griffiths 1985 Muscle energy metabolism duchenne.pdf
Griffiths 2007 D-Ribose has non-significant toxicity AB SOT Annual Meeting.pdf
Griffiths 2007 Lack oral embryotoxicity wistar rats.pdf
Griffiths 2007 Sub Chronic Oral Tox.pdf
Gross 1989 Metabolism d ribose administered.pdf
Hargreaves 1998 Muscle metabolites and performance.pdf
Harris 1997 ATP loss w exer in musc fibs.pdf
Sahlin 1990 Adenine nucleotide depletion in human.pdf
Sahlin 1998 Energy supply and muscle fatigue.pdf
Salerno 1999 Effect of d ribose on purine syn.pdf
Tullson 1991 Adenine nucleotide synthesis exercising Full paper.pdf
Tullson 1995 IMP metabolism human skeletal.pdf
Tullson 1996 IMP reamination to AMP.pdf
Zhang 2004 Enh prod of cyclic adp.pdf
Zhao 2000 Muscle adenine nucleotide.pdf

Sports Nutrition
Berardi 2003 Eff rib suppl on rep sprint perf.pdf
Bernofsky 1980 Physiologic aspects of pyridine.pdf
Brainum 1999 Real life ribose part I.pdf
Brainum 1999 Real life ribose part II.pdf
Falk 2003 Eff of creat rib and glut suppl.pdf
Green 1996 Anerobic ATP production and accumulated.pdf
Gross 1991 Ribose Admin Exercise Effects.pdf
Hellsten 1993 Decreased resting levels of adenine nucleotides.pdf
Hellsten 1993 The effect of high intensity training.pdf
Hellsten 1998 Urate uptake lowered ATP levels human.pdf
Hellsten 1999 AMP deamination Full paper.pdf
Hellsten 2004 Effect ribose supplementation resynthesis Full paper.pdf
Neilan 2006 Persistant and reversible cardiac dysfunction.pdf
Neilan -JACC_scan.pdf
Van Gammeren 2002 Effects of four weeks ribose supplementation Full paper.pdf